Maremma Sheepdog Club of America

Maremma Sheepdog Club of America

Unfinished Acres – Adult LGD’s Available – Mentors – Guardians – Partners

Unfinished Acres – Greenwood, Ca

Greenwood, Ca 95635 – Heart of the Sierra Foothills (but close to transport and airlines)

Mark – 916-296-6260
Becky – 530-613-2004

Unfinished Acres sits on 130 acres in the Sierra Foothills near Sacramento, Ca. A gorgeous area with all the predators you would see in a rural mountain environment, Mountain Lion, Bear, Coyote etc. We raise Meat and Dairy Goats, Katahdin Sheep, chickens and have eight horses. Enough to keep our Maremma’s busy and well trained.

We sell primarily limited registration Maremmas and spay or neuter all LGD’s that we are not breeding. At time we may have adult LGD’s that may be available for breeding. All of our breeding Maremmas have had PennHIP exams and their scores are on our website. Our goal is not only great Maremmas but structurally sound Maremmas. As we feel very comfortable with our Maremmas, we do not always have a specific one for sale. We may have a pasture with three adults, one of those adults would be available but as we like them all, we can generally provide a selection and let you choose.

We sell working Maremma Livestock Guardian Dogs. Although they are well socialized with people, they are working Livestock Guardians. We take pride in that. We breed for loyalty to us, to the ranch and to their charges. I can sell you an adult, but I can’t sell you this loyalty, that must be earned. Purchasing a quality adult Maremma from us or anyone else requires some commitment to make that LGD your partner. It is well worth the time and effort, but Maremmas are not machines, you can buy them, but you can’t buy what makes them great. You earn that.

We believe strongly that although a puppy can become a fine LGD on their own with additional time and training, to truly shine, an LGD puppy should have an adult mentor. If you are purchasing a puppy but do not have an adult, we may be an option for you. Also, a puppy is not an LGD, it is a potential LGD. Depending on the Maremma they are not truly a LGD until 18-24 months. We have spoken to too many people who have recently lost livestock and want a puppy for protection. A puppy is not protection but given the right training and mentoring, it will be.

Our adults have gone through various pastures, with various partners out in the fields. Our pastures can range from 5 to 40 acres and many times we will only see them once a day. They need to be able to think for themselves. Many have been through the kidding process, almost all been with goats, sheep and horses and some have been with chickens. (we, have had good luck with our Maremmas and chickens.) They are adaptable and with patience they should be able to fit into your livestock and ranch requirements.

If there is an interest in our Maremma’s, please fill out the application on our website. If you have any questions with regards to our Maremma’s, how we raise them and our Ranch, we look forward to hearing from you. If you would like to visit, we would look forward to seeing you. Mark & Becky, Unfinished Acres