Maremma Sheepdog Club of America

Maremma Sheepdog Club of America

MSCA Foster Application Form


Home Information

Do you rent or own your residence?(Required)
If you rent do you have permission to have a dog?
Please describe the area where the foster dog would stay at night(Required)
Do you have a fenced yard?
** please be aware most LGD’s will tend to wander without a fully fenced yard
Are your pets spayed/neutered?
Have you ever owned a LGD?


MSCA will handle all vet costs and will make appointments according to your schedule but you must be able to get the dog to the appointment, is this an issue?
Are you willing to foster a dog that may need some training?
** Many LGD’s are not socialized as family pets, so they may not be comfortable walking on leash, meeting new people etc.
Are you willing to foster an older dog?
Are you willing to foster long term if necessary? IE; several months?

Further Information

Are you fostering with intent on adopting? If yes are you able to cover vet costs should the dog become ill or injured?
Do you have any experience with training dogs with issues? IE; food/fear aggression, separation anxiety?
Thank you for helping a dog in need!! Please read the terms below and sign the Foster Agreement.

MSCA Foster Agreement

MM slash DD slash YYYY
hereafter referred to as Foster Home. A Foster Home is defined as a temporary home for an animal to live in while he/she awaits a permanent adoption through MSCA Rescue. The purpose of this agreement is to ensure that this animal obtains the best care and treatment during his/her stay in the Foster Home.

The Foster Home agrees to the following terms:
1. To temporarily house and care for animal(s) belonging to MSCA acknowledging that MSCA is the sole and rightful owner of the foster animal(s).
2. To treat this animal in a humane and loving way at all times, and to ensure that anyone else caring for or coming in contact with this animal will do the same.
3. To provide this animal with any necessary medication or vet services approved by MSCA Rescue. Additional medications and/or treatments considered by Foster Home to be necessary must be discussed with MSCA prior to being given to the animal or prior to the animal being taken for veterinary care, MSCA will not be responsible for any veterinary expenses that have not been previously discussed. Foster Homes are responsible for medical expenses incurred as a result of their negligence. If the animal has a life-threatening emergency where Foster Home must act quickly, Foster Home must contact MSCA asap after ensuring that the animal is treated.
4. To keep this animal clean, well groomed and safe from harm.
5. To feed a wholesome pet food, (generally supplied by Rescue) and have fresh water available at all times.
6. To maintain the animal in a safe secure place in the Foster Home. This animal shall not be left outdoors alone without a fully fenced yard when Foster parents are not around, nor shall it be left alone with any child under 12 yrs.
7. To keep this animal on a leash when the animal is outdoors, unless the animal is in a securely fenced area or securely fenced yard. This animal may not be left alone if the Foster Home is not providing supervision. If the animal gets lost, Foster Home must contact MSCA immediately.

The Foster Home also understands that the following terms apply:
1. MSCA will make all serious decisions regarding this animal's welfare, eg obedience training or method of discipline.
2. MSCA is not responsible for any damage caused by this animal while in foster care – specifically, MSCA assumes no liability for any damage to persons or property caused by the dog when in the care of the Foster Home.
3. That if Foster Home decides to adopt this animal permanently, foster parent must notify MSCA prior to home visits from other potential adopters. Although MSCA gives preference to foster homes in adoptions, it is not a certainty and Foster Home should not expect to automatically adopt the foster animal.
4. That the care of this animal is not transferable. Foster Home agrees that, if for any reason, it is unable to continue to house and care for the animal, MSCA must be given 48 hr. notice and Foster Home must make arrangements to return the animal to MSCA Rescue. Foster Home agrees that when asked to return the animal, it will do so within 48 hours of being asked. If Foster Home is unavailable at the time the animal is needed, Foster Home agrees to make the animal available for pick up within that 48 hour period.
5. Should the Foster Home refuse to relinquish the foster animal(s), for any reason, to MSCA within the guidelines or timelines set out, a $500 penalty will be incurred by the Foster Family.
6. That it is often foster parents’ job to determine or assess the temperament of the animal they are fostering. Foster Home understands that MSCA has limited knowledge of the history or temperament of many of the animals coming into its rescue program. Therefore, Foster Home agrees to use due caution when handling the foster animal. Foster Home is fully aware that any animal may bite if provoked. Foster Home agrees to never allow any stranger or child to be near this animal until this animal is trusted, and to never allow anyone to threaten, squeeze, poke, step on, or otherwise pose a perceived threat to this animal. If Foster Home determines the animal to be a biter, or a bite risk, it is to contact MSCA immediately for instructions.
7. That a representative of MSCA may visit the home at any time to check on the well being of this animal.
8. That MSCA cannot predict specifically how long an animal will stay in foster care but will endeavor to find a permanent home asap. Foster Home agrees to care for the animal as long as fostering is needed.

I have read and understand this agreement and agree to all the above terms.
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Foster Contact Information


Foster Animal Information: (provided by Rescue if available)

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