Maremma Sheepdog Club of America

Maremma Sheepdog Club of America


Have your dog’s hips certified by OFA or PennHIP
and the MSCA will send you a check for $25!

One of the primary goals of the Maremma Sheepdog Club of America is education. Spreading the word about this wonderful breed is a major focus.  Additionally we believe the protection and betterment of the Maremma breed through the use of health testing should be promoted.

To encourage increased dialog about this issue, and because money can be motivating, we have created the Maremma Hip Testing Incentive Program to inspire and reward individuals who step up and health test their dogs. Little is known about the quality of hips in the Maremma breed because, as a percentage, few dogs have been tested. We would like to change that!

Every MSCA Member who has hip testing done on their MSCA registered Maremma Sheepdog, and allows those scores to be used for research, helps the breed as a whole. As time goes on more will be understood about hip dysplasia within the Maremma breed, and improvements can be seen as breeders choose to be better informed about their breeding choices.

Participation in the program is easy!

  • Just send us a copy of your MSCA registered Maremma Sheepdog’s OFA permanent certificate (cannot be a preliminary rating) OR PennHIP certificate and we’ll mail you a check for $25.00!
  • This information will not be shared by the MSCA, but you must agree to allow OFA, if this is the method you used, to use this data in their statistical research. (PennHIP automatically uses the scores to compare the results and re-evaluates the percentage rate given to the breed.)
  • You must be a member in good standing of MSCA and your dog must be registered through MSCA.

Follow the steps below:

  • Have your MSCA Registered Maremma Sheepdog’s hips certified using the PennHIP OR OFA method (OFA valid ONLY after 24 months of age).
  • Once you receive the certificate,  contact us for the address to mail a copy of the certificate to the program’s administrator. The certificate number will be kept confidential and will be known by the administrator only.
  • A rebate check of $25 will be mailed to you! One check per dog, please. The dog tested can be any age or sex.

Thank you so much for participating in this program and for health testing your Maremma!



This program is funded through donations. Would you like to help support it?

Please make payable to the MSCA and contact us for the address to send your donation.
For a minimum donation of $25 we will list your name here on the site and publicly say ‘Thank You’  for your contribution! 



Proud Sponsors of the Maremma Hip Testing Incentive Program

Thank you for your donations!