Maremma Sheepdog Club of America

Maremma Sheepdog Club of America

2023 Black Alder Male Pup

Black Alder Ranch

Mesa, ID

Deborah Reid

We have one male puppy available from our July 2023 litter. He is actively learning at Benson Maremma LGD Training in southern Oregon. He has his hips done via PennHIP (.48/.45). If you are interested, please be aware that you must be willing to, or have already completed, either the Benson Maremmas Learn to Master Behavior & Training Online Course Series (preferred) or the Karen Pryor Foundations Course. Please fill out our questionnaire if interested.

From Cindy: Rocket is a very friendly pup who seems comfortable with people in every situation I have put him in, and there have been many. He would be suitable for a family or a living situation with lots of inherent changes. There is not one thing about Rocket, or any of them, that I would change.