Maremma Sheepdog Club of America

Maremma Sheepdog Club of America

16 mo Bruno from Naranjo Hills

Naranjo Hills Farm

Megan Borbon

Tracy, CA

(925) 785-8999

Brunello (Bruno) is a 16-month-old male Maremma looking for a new home. Bruno has been working on a pastured poultry farm since he was 5 months old. Bruno lives full-time with approximately 1500 chickens and ducks. The farm uses electric poultry netting for rotational grazing and Bruno stays within the boundaries. Prior owner reports Bruno has been amazing with the chickens over the last year- he shows a bit of excitement around the ducks- and has thwarted predators. Bruno enjoys being around cattle and has some intermittent exposure with lambs. Bruno was a top pick at time of go-home a year one ago due to his natural ability with chickens. He just understood them from the beginning and what he should and shouldn’t do. Prior owner reports Bruno gets along well with her Border Collie female and her older child.

Bruno was returned to us in May 2023 after the owner could not keep visitors from opening the farm gates, as she did not own the property, and coming into the area Bruno guarded. Bruno is very protective of his poultry, livestock, and family and will confront and in no uncertain terms tell strangers and visitors to leave the area immediately. Prior owner further reports Bruno is not safe around cats. (Of note, Bruno lived with and was fine with barn cats up until he was placed in his home at 5 months old, so this is something that may be able to be worked through in a new home with appropriate supervision). Since Bruno is so protective of his charges, we will only consider a home that has livestock guardian dog experience and has larger or more secluded acreage where visitors won’t show up unannounced and walk the property. Bruno is not suitable for agritourism properties or those who do farm tours. Bruno owns the ground he walks on and does not want strangers in his space. Since Bruno has bonded so strongly to his current family (young couple and their daughter), any new owners will need to proceed slowly with Bruno and gain his trust over time rather than push him into interactions. Bruno is not suitable for a novice dog owner. He is a true protector and takes his job seriously. He would be perfect as a deterrent for farms dealing with rustling and property theft. Asking $3500